Team Building Challenges...

The Benefits of Team Building

Understanding your personality and team roles, and developing problem solving skills enables you to work better as a team.

The conditions of the live escape game along with your new psychological insight encourages you and your colleagues to interact with each other, and express yourselves in a way you may be less likely to in the workplace, but more likely to after the event.

Team Spirit
Colleagues will not only get to know each other a lot better but also discovering each-other’s strengths and weaknesses should help you work together more effectively as a team to escape the room.

Problem Solving
Your team’s problem solving skills are tuned up and put to the test, encouraging both logical and creative thinking.

Time Management
Your team must make sure not to run out of time in solving the puzzles, and risk failing to escape the room.

If you are trying to ignite the flame of team spirit these challenges are a sure way to motivate your team to be better, and have great fun.
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